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I have two healthy children, about whom I say they are the most beautiful and the most intelligent. You probably think the same of your own children. 


That said, close your eyes and imagine just for a moment that you have a heavily disabled child that needs 24-hour assistance, just like a newborn. Hard, isn't it, to imagine this without living it? And yet, it is several québécois families' reality, which they have to go through every day. And they need our support.  


The only rest in a whole year they can hope for is to enroll their child in a specialized stay in an adapted summer camp where he or she can be in good hands. These camps have safe installations that can fulfil the child's needs and allow him or her to experience exceptionnal moments, far from their usual home routine. Their parents can also, through having their child away in a safe place, rest physically and mentally without guilt.


Répit Québec is the only Québec organization that offers grants to families, allowing them to enroll their child in a camp. We are, very often, the last resort of exhausted parents in search of a short rest. Without our help, they do not get to rest.


It is essential to us that we maximize the use of the money for the children and their family and we are extremely proud of using 99.6% of the donations in the last fiscal year directly for them.


That means that 99.6 cents of every dollar donated will have actually been used to help a child in need and his or her family. This can be obtained thanks to the many volunteers that are deeply involved in the organization and we thank them strongly for their efforts. Our priority is to maintain this excellent result through the next years, in order to maximize the impact of your donations. 


However, every year, we are inevitably refusing more than half of the grants requests we have received. We would love to help more and more families. This is why we hope you will continue to be as generous. Together, we will make a difference.


A small gesture for you becomes a wonderful adventure for them, 


Gilles La Roche